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Advising Start-up Client

Advising Start-up Client

An overseas client (based in the US)  wanted to employ workers in the UK and needed extensive advice on a range of issues from an HR Consultant.

The Company needed to understand :
• The main risks and responsibilities in employing staff
• The need for a robust employment contract and set of policies
• Whether he could engage with some of his workers on a ‘self- employed’ or ‘consultancy’ basis
• How the Working Time Regulations would impact on his operations
• Simple ways to reduce the tax burden to the employer and employee
• What he needed to do regarding pensions and benefits

We did this by :
• Sending him checklists and template forms for employee administration purposes
• Providing him with a set of policies and an employment contract for his employees
• Providing him with a ‘Contract for Services’
• Helping him plan a recruitment exercise for staff.

From offices in Southampton we helped the client with his London based operation who also had a presence in the North of England.