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Managing Change

Managing Change

Two small organisations decided to merge which lead to the transfer of employees to a new business entity. The TUPE regulations clearly applied to this scenario, which meant that the employee’s had certain rights protected after they had been transferred to the new company.   Senior management of both companies needed to understand how the process of transfer worked and also how they could look at reducing headcount following the transfer.  Both companies were based in Southampton, Hampshire.

Helen helped the client :
• Elect employee representatives to consult with • Undertake a proper consultation process
• Communicate with their staff effectively
• Ensure that all contractual rights and benefits transferred to the new employer
• Undertake redundancy exercise following the transfer

This was done by :
• Joining the project team responsible for the transfer
• Training both managers and employee representatives in the principles of TUPE
• Attending and facilitating the consultation meetings –producing agendas, terms of reference and minutes
• Drafting communications alongside the employee representatives
• Liaising with benefits providers • Providing all relevant documentation